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Welcome to the world of pirates! If you want to live like a pirate, you shouldn't skip the details !!  Get ready for the adventure… With our Pirate series, it is now possible to open up all the children who love adventure to the open seas…

Pirate room Offer include:

3 Doors Wardrobe Sku: 20.13.1002.00

DimensionsWidth: 121 cm | Height: 203 cm | Depth: 54 cm

The way to be tidy for small pirates is through the Pirate series. Finding a solution with the endless clutter of young and children's rooms with Pirate 3 -door cupboard! Using shelf, drawers and compartments, you can teach your children to use their living spaces efficiently and separate the remaining time.

You can choose this design that resembles hidden passages for adventurers children and make them sail for dreams. Cabinet doors are quiet and easily opened and closed with the slowing hinge feature. It is also very safe to possible accidents/jams.

The wall fixing apparatus increases the safety of adventurer children.

BED (120x200 cm) Sku: 20.13.1315.00

Dimensions: Width: 105 cm | Height: 100 cm | Depth: 206 cm

Inspired by ship silhouettes, the Pirate Care, leaving behind the moving and exhausting rhythm of the day, contributes to the experience of peaceful sleep full of dreams. In addition to its strong wooden body, the bed with rounded corners makes the time spent comfortably and safe.

Its natural wood appearance makes it easier to obtain association compatible with other furniture in the room. The size of 100x200 cm, which is larger than standard dimensions, provides young people in the age of development to the comfortable areas they need.

Maximum carrying capacity of 130 kg, internal bed size 100x200 and 120x200 cm can be used for many years with its robust structure.


Pirate Pull-out Bed (90x190 cm) Sku: 20.13.1305.00

Dimensions:Width: 95 cm | Height: 24 cm | Depth: 193 cm

• Friend bed or storage

Dresser :Sku: 20.13.1201.00

• Printed surface
• Deep drawer

Nightstand,Sku: 20.13.1601.00

DimensionsWidth: 44 cm | Height: 44 cm | Depth: 42 cm

• It was designed with leather and metal accessories special to pirates
• Lock drawers and thematic handles are used

Pirate Chest : Sku: 20.13.1901.00

Dimensions:Width: 92 cm | Height: 50 cm | Depth: 46 cm

 • Treasure chest, which is the most interesting part of your room, can be used both as a pouf and for multi-purpose storage.



  • بحسب توافر المنتجات يمكنكم زيادة اصناف اخرى، واو يمكنكم تغيير بعض الاصناف مثل السرير او الخزائن بقياس اكبر او اصغر.

    الاسعار لا تتضمن الفرش اوالكوفرلي او الاكسسوارات مثل الكراسي، أجهزة الانارة ، السجاد


    لأي استفسار عن اي تعديل، نفضل زيارة احد صالات عرضنا  ، المركز الرئيسي في طرابلس او فرعنا في بيروت المكلس

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    Please note: If you select installation for this product, please be aware this will occur after the delivery after purchase date. The installation team will contact you to arrange a convenient date for the installation to take place

    جميع المفروشات يتم الدفع المسبق قبل التوصيل ،  وذلك عبر زيارة احد صالات  عرضنا او عن طريق حوالة ( عبر التواصل معنا مسنجر لتحديد طريقة التحويل )

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