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Space Gray is a world that fits you in everydetail.

Colors that break of ordinary...
Life permanently chang. Your travels, the booksyou read... Every product in your room is designed
to follow up with these changes. Space Gray is herewith its minimalist style and innovative spirit. Withthe uniqueness of its design, this series presents awhole world of practical detail. Its texture, whichcombines shades of gray and black in a simple line,takes simplicity to another dimension.

Space Gray room  Offer include:

Sliding Wardrobe  Sku: 20.81.1004.00

Dimensions:Width: 163 cm | Height: 214 cm | Depth: 63 cm

Space Gray Sliding Wardrobe with minimalist lines is here with its minimal style and innovative spirit. Thanks to its large volume, it offers a multi-purpose storage area and provides a regular usage area with two clothes hangers. It offers clear solutions to personal organization needs with the functionality of sliding doors and carefully shaped shelves, easy movement with rail systems belonging to world-famous brands, ventilation capsules, wall fixing apparatus, drawers inside the cabinet, handles suitable for style and special materials.

Bed (120x200 cm) Sku: 20.81.1302.00

Dimensions:Width: 136 cm | Height: 118 cm | Depth: 213 cm

Leather covered headboard and comfortable use came together in Space Gray Bed. The design, which is curved at the corners of the foot and bedside, brings together the modern look, while highlighting the simplicity of its overall design. Thanks to the USB unit in the bed, you can charge your phone while in bed. This stylish and harmonious combination accompanies every moment of his life. With a maximum carrying capacity of 130 kg, Space Gray Bed (120x200 Cm) can be used for many years with its solid structure.

Study Desk Sku: 20.81.1101.00

Dimensions:Width: 128 cm | Height: 96 cm | Depth: 61 cm

Ergonomic study desk; She has a confident style that knows what she wants. The drawer on the desk was designed in special sizes with compartments for pens and small tools. Each module meets the needs of your room in a minimal and functional way, such as Type C USB input, notepad, pen holder sections, bag hangers, compartments that serve as separators in the drawers, silent and safe use thanks to the rail with slowdown

Bookcase Sku: 20.81.1501.00

Dimensions:Width: 52 cm | Height: 180 cm | Depth: 32 cm

There's a freedom in the Space Gray Bookcase. With its wide partitioned shelves; It is designed as a storage space for books, notebooks, accessories and more. It accompanies every moment of your life with the hanging accessories on the right and left outer sides.

Nightstand ,Sku: 20.81.1601.00

Dimensions:Width: 47 cm | Height: 50 cm | Depth: 41 cm

Space Gray Nightstand is a world for you with every detail. The shelf on the top of the nightstand is designed as an accessory to position your favorite items, while the portable compartment is designed for you to put your perfumes and personal belongings. With its retro silver and body Sinai color design, Space Gray nightstand provides quiet and safe use thanks to its self-braking rails, while offering a world complete with special materials.



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