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Welcome to the world of pirates! If you want to live like a pirate, you shouldn't skip the details !!  Get ready for the adventure… With our Pirate series, it is now possible to open up all the children who love adventure to the open seas…

Pirate room Offer include:

3 Doors Wardrobe Sku: 20.13.1002.00

DimensionsWidth: 121 cm | Height: 203 cm | Depth: 54 cm

The way to be tidy for small pirates is through the Pirate series. Finding a solution with the endless clutter of young and children's rooms with Pirate 3 -door cupboard! Using shelf, drawers and compartments, you can teach your children to use their living spaces efficiently and separate the remaining time.

You can choose this design that resembles hidden passages for adventurers children and make them sail for dreams. Cabinet doors are quiet and easily opened and closed with the slowing hinge feature. It is also very safe to possible accidents/jams.

The wall fixing apparatus increases the safety of adventurer children.

Pirate Ship Bed (90x190 cm) Sku: 20.13.1308.00

DimensionsWidth: 105 cm | Height: 183 cm | Depth: 243 cm

Pirate ship bedrooms, which take children on journeys in the seas in their imagination, turn their bedrooms into fun areas. At every point, the 90x190 cm bed with the fascinating details of the pirate ships contributes to the comfort and reliable time of sleep thanks to their rounded corners.

The bed, which turns into a full pirate ship with the pennant attached to the heading head, gives diversity to use by putting it in the space at the bottom.

The maximum carrying capacity of 130 kg and the inner bed size 90x190 cm can be used for many years with its robust structure.

Pirate Pull-out Bed (90x180 cm) Sku: 20.13.1303.00

DimensionsWidth: 95 cm | Height: 24 cm | Depth: 186 cm

Each pirate ship can have hidden compartments. With the Pirate Lower Care, you can create these hidden compartments in the children's room. The ship turns into a guest bed where the lower bed -beded child will host his friends.

Thanks to the design given with leather handles, you can use the living spaces effectively. You can also evaluate the lower cot that transforms rooms into fun areas as storage space.

The lower cots with a maximum carrying capacity of 130 kg and an inner bed size of 90x180 cm can be used for many years with its robust structure.

Shark Study Desk Sku: 20.13.1103.00

Dimensions:Width: 101 cm | Height: 157 cm | Depth: 60 cm

You can create a very different world instead of Pirate shark work desk and children's rooms that resemble each other. You can change the air of children's rooms with its form that seems to have jumped from the dream world.

The lighting placed in the teeth of the shark opens the door of the inspiration that the child needs. How about creating comfortable working areas with the positive energy of the extraordinary thematic image?

Nightstand Galon Comodin,Sku: 20.13.1603.00

Dimensions:Width: 41 cm | Height: 49 cm | Depth: 41 cm

Pirate Galon Komodin is one of those details! With its barrel -looking design, it creates the area where you can store custom items, clothes and most popular toys.
Openable cover, wide interior volume and special design helps you to easily edit the bedroom. You can also use cute comodine, dirty basket, which makes it easier to position objects such as lampshades and clocks.


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    الاسعار لا تتضمن الفرش اوالكوفرلي او الاكسسوارات مثل الكراسي، أجهزة الانارة ، السجاد


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