Pirate Carpet (133x190 cm)



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Dimensions: W1330 x D1900 x H10 mm.

Material: hypoallergenic acrylic.

Weight: 8KG

Carpet Pirate 21.07.7678.00 will be a colorful addition to any interior of a child's room. These adorable and cute animals will grab the attention of every child. Such a carpet will make the surface on the floor soft and reliable so that your child will happily crawl, run and play. And if the child suddenly plays or falls, the Pirate carpet will soften the fall and will not spoil the mood. Due to the special treatment of hypoallergenic acrylic, parasites do not get in the carpet, and the durable, wear-resistant pile and persistent color preserve the attractive appearance of the carpet for a long time.

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