Paradise Ceiling Lighting



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Width: 47 cm | Height: 64 cm | Depth: 42 cm

Adding elegance to your room with its eye-catching design, Paradise Ceiling Lighting makes a difference with its metal body designed in a classic style. Chandelier hats, which gain a bohemian atmosphere with lace and figures, add sparkle to the environment. Paradise Ceiling Lighting, which captures the perfect harmony of mint green and white, leaves an inspiring effect with its elegant appearance. The aesthetic touch offered by the chandelier complete with yellow gilded strip increases the energy of the room.

Note: The installation of our ceiling lights belongs to our customers.

Material Information:
• Mint Green PVC hat.
• Polyester yellow gilded ribbon ribbon.
• Grounded steel wire interior installation.
• 2x0.75 round transparent cord cable.
• Body material zamak injection.
• Grounded steel wire interior installation.

Instructions for Use:
• The electrical voltage should be between 220-240 V.
• A 13-watt E14 lamp holder type bulb should be used.
• It is recommended to use energy saving or led light bulbs approved by Philips, Osram, General Electric and Quality Improvement.

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