With Wheel Baby Bed Oak (60x120 cm)



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With Wheel Baby Bed; With its 4 wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, these strollers offer practical usage and the convenience for mothers to easily reach their babies with the elevator guardrail feature. They provide multifunctional advantages. Two of the wheels have brakes to secure the baby stroller in place. Thanks to the wheels, the product can be easily moved and used in any desired location within the room.

The height adjustment feature, which efficiently meets the safety needs, and the side attachment feature that is also important for practicality for mothers, provide ease of use.

With its maximum weight capacity of 20 kg and suitability for ages 0-3, it already proves to be the ideal option sought by mothers looking for the best. Note: It is recommended that the height of the mattress used in the product should not exceed 8 cm.

Width: 130 cm | Height: 84 cm | Depth: 68 cm

NOTE: Textile products, Mattress ,bedding and other accessories seen in the product photos are not included in the product price.

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