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Line Desk White, with its simple and functional design, creates a comfortable workspace in young rooms. Adding a modern and stylish atmosphere to the environment with its plain white appearance, Line study desk is effective in organizing school supplies in an orderly manner.

The module, which has a useful structure with the metal bag hanging apparatus on the left side, offers long-lasting enjoyment thanks to its durable material. Bringing a practical work environment to the living space of young people, Line desk can become one of your child's favorite products.



Chair/Bookcase  not include in the offer 


UNIT :Width: 118,6 cm | Height: 80,2 cm | Depth: 23,7 cm

DESK :Width: 120 cm | Height: 75,6 cm | Depth: 55 cm

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Please note: If you select installation for this product, please be aware this will occur after the delivery after purchase date. The installation team will contact you to arrange a convenient date for the installation to take place

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