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Width: 145 cm | Depth: 230 cm

Ducky Bed Cover is admired with its double-sided use and quilted design. There is a powder color fabric on one side of the bedspread, and a mint green fabric on one side. The Ducky Bedspread, with a width of 145 cm and a length of 230 cm, can be used in single beds of 90x190 cm and 100x200 cm. A pillowcase of 50x70 cm is also included with the product.

• Our bedspread is compatible with 90x200 and 100x200 cm bedsteads, box-spring beds and bunk beds.

Product Material Information:
• Powder fabric 100% polyester.
• Mint green 100% polyester.

Product Content and Dimensions:
• Bedspread 145x230 cm
• Pillowcase 50x70 cm

Washing Instruction:
• It can be washed in washing machine at 30 degrees.
• No bleach is used.
• Drum drying is not possible.
• No dry cleaning.
• It should not be kept wet in the washing machine after the washing period is over.
• Ironing can be done at the lowest light setting.

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