Cotton Carpet (120x180 cm)



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Width: 120 cm | Height: 1.5 cm | Depth: 180 cm

Cotton Medium Carpet, which conquers mothers' hearts with its simple and cute design , brings comfort to children's rooms with its size of 120x180 cm. With its soft and spacious structure, it becomes one of the favorite parts of the fun times spent on it. Cute visuals and writings embroidered on a plain cream-colored background add a striking feature to the carpet. Cotton Medium Carpet, which has the softness and fullness of wool, does not harm the child's skin and protects it. In addition to being resistant to abrasion, matting, moisture and sunlight, it can be washed in a washing machine with precision.

Product Material Information:
• Well soft fabric 100% polyester.
• PVC-based leather 100% polyester.

Directions for Use:
• The liquid spilled on it is removed with an absorbent cloth or vacuum.
• Stains are treated immediately.
• In order to prevent the footprints of the items placed on it, they are replaced at regular intervals, if possible, by putting materials such as felt.
• There may be differences on the carpet surface depending on the usage intensity. To prevent this, the direction of the carpet is changed at regular intervals.
• When the carpet is not used, it is kept in a dry environment in roll form.

Washing Instruction:
• It can be washed in the washing machine without spinning at 30 degrees.
• Dry cleanable.
• Use water not exceeding 30 degrees for cleaning.
• Chemical detergents and hard materials such as brushes are not used in cleaning processes.
• It is not whisked or beaten while cleaning.
• After cleaning, it is dried on the floor in a short time, not left wet and not used.

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