Trio room Series


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Enjoy your freedom in your room with the Trio Base Bedstead, where you can arrange your belongings as you wish with its large internal volume base, and you can adjust the color according to your mood with the double-sided headboard.

Offer include :

Bed 100*200 cm Width: 108 cm | Height: 116 cm | Depth: 209 cm

• Fabric covered, double faced soft bedstead.
• USB input.

Pull-out Bed With Partitions (90x190 Cm)

Width: 194,2 cm | Height: 26 cm | Depth: 123,2 cm

• Friend bed or storage

Trio 3-Door Wardrobe contributes to the order and comfort of young rooms with its functional design. Bringing a simple and charismatic touch to the living space of young people, the Trio 3-Door Wardrobe provides a functional use with the full length mirror on the middle cover.

Width: 135 cm | Height: 203,5 cm | Depth: 61 cm

 Dresser : Width: 80 cm | Height: 83 cm | Depth: 46 cm

• 5 drawers and shelf.
• Locked drawer.

Ottoman With Drawer:  Width: 98 cm | Height: 43,5 cm | Depth: 43 cm

• There is a cushion carefully stitched by our masters and enriched with embroidery.
• Ottoman With Drawer with drawers is used for multipurpose purposes as a warehouse for toys and toys.
• Ottoman With Drawer is very comfortable.

Trio Nightstand With Shelf


Width: 55 cm | Height: 48,6 cm | Depth: 41,5 cm

• Soft seat squab Dividable design.

Select Bed Cover

Dimensions: Width: 150 cm | Depth: 230 cm


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