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It is a great idea that your children's bed can be closed in a stylish way like a tiny house?

You can create a unique environment for your children with the Montes white side roofed bed, which is closed with a wire and tent impression. You can clean the awning which can be attached and removed in a very practical way. There are colored protective pieces at the corners of the cot that allows their children to act as they wish. You can leave your children in their rooms with peace of mind with a Montes White Side roof cot that offers 2 -stage ergonomics for their children to access their children comfortably.

The bed with an inner bed size is 90x200 cm and can be used for many years with its robust structure.

Montes White 3-Door Wardrobe provides a colorful space for children to organize the clutter they create while dreaming. Visual support, shelves and hangers that can be adjusted according to personal needs, provide children with freedom to organize as they wish.

The fact that the drawer rails of the product have a self-decelerator feature prevents the formation of noise and provides a safe use for children.

 offer include :

1-Montes White Side Roof Bed 

Dimensions: Width: 97,5 cm | Height: 165 cm | Depth: 208,5 cm

2-Montes White 3 Doors Wardrobe

Dimensions: Width: 140 cm | Height: 202 cm | Depth: 53 cm

3-Montes White Dresser

Dimensions: Width: 97,5 cm | Height: 82,5 cm | Depth: 43,5 cm

Mattress and bedding set can be purchased separately
Please note: If you select installation for this product, please be aware this will occur after the delivery after purchase date. The installation team will contact you to arrange a convenient date for the installation to take place

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