Mocha Baby Bed (70x140 cm)



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Mocha Baby Cot (70x140 cm), which is suitable for the 0-3 age period of your baby, offers practicality with its adjustable bottom table. By adjusting the 3-stage table as you wish, you can easily pick up and drop your baby from the crib. The railing spacing of the cot is suitable for baby safety. In addition, the rounded corners of the product increase the safety of your baby.

Mocha Baby Cot also helps to keep baby items safely with its additional drawer that can be purchased separately. Mocha Baby Cot, which accompanies your baby's comfortable sleep with its durable structure, can be used with 70x140 cm bed and 70x140 cm sleep sets.

Bed Dimensions:


Width: 145 cm | Height: 84 cm | Depth: 78 cm

• The bottom plate of the baby cot can be adjusted in 3 stages.
• Barrier gaps are produced in accordance with baby safety.
• The corners are rounded for your baby's safety.
• Suitable for your baby's 0-4 age period. 

NOTE: Textile products, bedding and other accessories seen in the product photos are not included in the product price.

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