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Loof Baby was designed not only for your baby's comfort but also for your comfort. Stylish and portable, you can use the lower opening cushion that comes with the unit on the bed or on the dresser, or you can use the unit by mounting it on the wall.

In this series, where functionality meets the design, it is a discovery and entertainment area about himself every time he spends in your baby's room. Loof Baby and his room accompany him on this adventure. Loof Baby Growing Baby Care, thanks to its attachments, has a magnifying design. Thus, your baby can use the bed until the end of the first childhood.

Cot is 80x130 cm for infancy and has a capacity of 80 kg, which has a feature that can grow up to 80x180 cm that can be used up to 0-3 years of age and 3-10 years of childhood.

Telescopic railings, cut -off cuts and wheel lower parent cot are listed among the most prominent functional properties of the module.

The drawers are quietly and easily opened and closed with self -brake rail features. It is also very safe to possible accidents/jams.

It is compatible with 80x177 cm beds and 80x130 cm sleeping sets for bed and lower drawer and can be used for many years with its quality structure.

Note: Our product does not include bedding and other textile products seen in the photos.

Offer 2 pics Include:

1-Loof Baby Convertible Bed (80x180 cm)

Dimensions:Width: 185 cm | Height: 108 cm | Depth: 87 cm

2-Loof Baby 3 Doors Wardrobe

 Dimensions:Width: 137,5 cm | Height: 199,5 cm | Depth: 52,5 cm

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