Baby Cotton Growing Bed (75x160 Cm)



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Baby Cotton St Convertible Baby Bed, designed for your baby's growing needs day by day, is 75x115 cm in size for the infancy stage, suitable for 0-3 years old, and can be used for the childhood stage from 3-6 years old when extended. With its capability to grow up to 75x160 cm, the crib has a carrying capacity of 130 kg. The module, reflecting the mysterious and pure world of babies, provides a spacious storage area with two large drawers. The telescopic safety rails and rounded corners ensure maximum safety for your most precious little one. The multifunctional module also includes a bottom opening section and shelving units.

The crib is compatible with bedding sets measuring 75x160 cm and 75x115 cm, and its high-quality structure ensures years of enjoyable use.

Note: The textile products, mattress, and accessories shown in the product visuals are not included in the product price.



Width: 164.7 cm | Height: 95.2 cm | Depth: 83,6 cm

• It has a growing feature for use in advanced ages.
• Telescopic railing has been used.
• There is a bottom opening section on the drawer.
• The corners are rounded for your baby's safety.
• Drawer rear section is a unit with shelves.
• It has 2 drawers.

NOTE: Textile products, bedding and other accessories seen in the product photos are not included in the product price.

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