Comfort Child Seat



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Width: 61 cm | Height: 52 cm | Depth: 49 cm

Comfort child seat , which is among the children's seating groups , becomes one of the indispensable items of children with its color, design and comfort. The product, which stands out with its design covered with fabric on all sides, is appreciated with the modern appearance brought by the red color. With the comfort child seat, children spend an extremely enjoyable and comfortable time in their rooms during play hours.

Note: Carrying capacity is maximum 50 kg.

Use and Care Instructions:
• Do not stand on the seat.
• The seat should not be used for mobile ladder or for carrying items inside the house.
• It should be wiped and cleaned only with a dry cloth.
• Bleach, bleaching chemicals and wire brushes should not be used during cleaning.
• Any stains that may occur should be intervened immediately.

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