BAMBOO+ MATTRESS (60x120x8 cm)



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Bamboo+ Mattress brings the goodness of nature to your sleep.

A bed is the foundation of comfort. Your mattress is the most decisive element for a healthy sleep. It must be of good quality and comfortable.

The knitted fabric of our bed is designed from natural bamboo threads. Bamboo has a natural and breathable light structure. In this way, it adapts to your body temperature and provides a comfortable sleep. It gives a soft, comfortable sleeping feeling.

Bamboo, which has the feature of drying 4 times faster than other fabrics and raw materials, remains cool even on the hottest summer days by quickly transferring the moisture and liquid it comes into contact with to the air. Having the necessary moisture transfer feature for constant temperature at night provides extremely strong sleep dynamics.

The bamboo element, which has anti-allergic properties, absorbs moisture in the best way and makes breathing easier. In this way, it creates a dry, healthy sleeping environment that prevents the proliferation of allergy-causing microorganisms.

Bamboo, a renewable raw material, is an organic, environmentally friendly and green production product.



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