Baby Girl Carpet (133x190 cm)



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The carpet belongs to the Baby Girl collection of furniture and accessories for children from the manufacturer Cilek. The product has a pleasant soft design in pastel colors. The carpet can be combined with any style of the interior of a children's room, and most importantly, according to its characteristics, it is suitable for girls of all ages. The Baby Girl model has the following features:

Made of hypoallergenic acrylic yarn. Unlike natural wool, synthetic fiber does not contain irritants that cause a negative reaction in a child. Acrylic thread does not fade, retains color even under constant exposure to the sun. The carpet is not damaged by moisture.

Easily cleaned of contaminants by hand and even in a washing machine.

Dimensions, cm:

Width: 133 cm;

Length: 190 cm.

Material: Hypoallergenic Acrylic

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