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With Tortue Tourni Pop'Balles by VTech®, your child will discover numbers, colors and lots of funny anecdotes about turtles. By inserting the multicolored balls inside the turtle's belly, the turtle begins to juggle, spins around and propels the balls around the room. Very funny! You have to go get them quickly! This toy helps develop your child's fine and gross motor skills while the different songs and melodies stimulate their hearing senses.
• "The child places balls in the belly of the turtle who counts them. It starts to dance while turning on itself
• before expelling them by its legs."
• 2 modes of play:
• Mode 1: Mode Tourni: the child places balls in the belly of the turtle who counts them. She begins to dance, spinning around before expelling them by her paws. Baby has fun picking them up and throwing them back into the turtle's belly.
• Mode 2: Pop Mode: In a second quieter game mode, the turtle stays still and the ejected balls fall directly into its belly!
• 2 Learning buttons to discover numbers, colors and anectodes on turtles and Music to listen to songs and melodies.
age:9-36 months

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