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Bright Starts Tiny Turtle & Friends Prop & Play MatBright Starts Tiny Turtle & Friends Prop & Play Mat is a soft, padded play area designed for infants to encourage healthy tummy time play and exercise. It features bright colors, a water filled teether, a removable prop pillow and two removable links to attach a favorite toy. With this soft-padded mat, tummy time can be terrific. Why You'll Love It: It encourages tummy time play by engaging the children in fun filled activities. Age: Newborn and upFeaturesMakes tummy time play and exercise more enjoyableProp pillow sized for young infantsWater filled teether soothes children's gumsColorful bead chaser2 removable fun links to attach children's favorite toys

  • Soft padded mat makes tummy time play and exercise more enjoyable
  • Removable prop pillow is just the right size for young infants
  • Water filled teether soothes baby's gums
  • Colorful bead chaser
  • 2 removable Fun Links to attach baby's favorite toys

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