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The Ocean World is a fun Playcenter for children playing to burn their great energy. With the theme of the sea and bright colors add to the vibrant atmosphere. This large playground has so many levels and activities.

Material that is sturdy and weather resistant, this playground can be used by several children to play together at once.


It has many activity features such as climbing walls, super large slides, tunnels, walkways, and stairs, also available in small slides for smaller children.

Stairs, platforms and tunnels keep children active. The design allows children to play around, above and below the set to encourage interaction and physical play that keeps children fit and cheerful.

  • Sturdy material, child sports playground for indoor or outdoor
  • Tunnels that are sturdy to crawl
  • Climber ladder to climb
  • 2 slides with 182 cm and 91 cm length respectively
  • Basketball ring
  • equipped with pretend telescopes
  • Please note: The combination of color can be vary
  • Assembly Required


Dimensions: L318 x W214 x H182 cm

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