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  • Respects the ergonomics: Thanks to the central coulisse, it's possible to adjust the width of the seat to guarantee the correct "M" position of the legs, essential for the correct baby ergonomics.
  • Practical and comfortable: The carrier is equipped with padded shoulder straps that cross over the back to equally distribute the baby's weight, paired with a padded waist belt that shifts the weight correctly.
  • The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Skin Fit as hip-healthy products.
  • Just like your skin: Its many regulations make possible to adjust the baby carrier in the most comfortable way for you and the baby, keeping him at the correct height that allows the best mother-child bonding.
  • Double regulation buckles: The shoulder straps have been designed with handy double regulation buckles that allow you to adjust both the panel width and the shoulder strap lenght with exceptionally easy movements.
  • Adjustable hood: The hood presents a double configuration: when lower it gives the baby's neck an extra layer of support, when higher it provides privacy and sun protection during naps or sunny days.
Skin Fit is our new baby carrier designed to meet the baby's growth while being a comfortable product both for parents and babies. Homologated from birth up to 9 kgs, it's the simple and practical solution that supports the baby by keeping the correct posture and gives you both the feeling of a warm, intimate hug the Italian babywearing school "Scuola del Portare", Skin Fit has been recognized to effectively follow the baby's physiological growth.

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