Rainbow Led Table Lighting



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Width: 15 cm | Height: 31 cm | Depth: 15 cm

Adding style to the work desks with its aesthetic design, Rainbow LED desk lighting has touch-switchable white and yellow light options. Adding an elegant touch to living spaces, the lamp offers four different color alternatives for night mode. Thanks to its flexible body that can be rotated 360 degrees, it easily illuminates the whole area. Opening, closing and color changing operations can be performed with a single touch from the control panel. 

Product Information:
• Our product has a single-piece body and PVC material is used on the entire surface. The product functions consist of 9 regions.
• Light section
• Optical filter
• Curved body
• Control panel
• Night light adjustment button
• Night light
• DC socket input
• Base
• Adapter

LED Lighting Advantages:
• There are no UV rays in LED lamps. Therefore, it reduces eye fatigue that causes eye watering and headache.
• Since there is no light flickering, it reduces eye disturbance during reading / writing.
• Reduces glare on reading / writing materials, provides optimal illumination.
• They have a longer life than normal lamps.

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