Oral Care Kit, 5 Pieces


Summer Infant

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It’s never too soon to instill good dental hygiene habits for you child
The Summer Infant 6 Piece Oral Care Set is all you’ll need to assist your child from teething to brushing
The gum stimulator and water teething ring will help during teething
Parent or child can use the toddler tootbrush to keep teeth clean and breath fresh
The toddler toothbrush has a large, easy-grip handle for your child to begin brushing
The 6 Piece Oral Care Set from Summer Infant includes all of the tools necessary for teaching baby good oral care habits right from the start
The gum stimulator and teether are perfect for teething infants
the finger brush is a great travel item to keep baby’s gums and teeth healthy while on the go
the mirror helps detect any emerging teeth
and the toddler toothbrush is just the right size for little one’s mouth
Stand included for convenient storage all in one place
Color: blue
Model Number: 4504
Weight: 181 grams
Package dimensions: 17.78 x 12.95 x 7.87 cm

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