Nenuco Doctor Why Is Nenuco Crying?



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In this clinic you will be the best doctor because the device interpretation of crying you be able to know why Nenuco cries. Place the doll on the stretcher and the device will interpret every cry like a baby needs: hungry, sleepy, wants to play, etc. In addition, the device also play sounds to entertain the baby. This set will generate interaction between the doll and the girl. In addition to the interpreter crying, the clinic has many doctors accessories. As for the sounds of crying interpreter, it has five possible causes of crying (with 10 different sounds of weeping), and two buttons with soothing sounds. It includes full medical office. Stretcher with many accessories to calm Nenuco when crying.

  • Crying Indicator
  • Make Sounds Like Weeeee Weee
  • Battery Operated
  • Non Toxic
  • Child Friendly
  • Easy To Carry

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