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The Natural Response Teat only delivers milk when your baby is drinking. Thus, the baby can drink, swallow and breathe at a natural pace, just like when breastfeeding. Makes it easy to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Philips AVENT SCY930/01 Natural Response Glass Baby Bottle 125ml

  1. 1 bottle
  2. 120 ml
  3. From 0 month +
  4. Slow flow teat

A nipple that not only feels but works like a mother's breast

  • The nipple of the bottle is designed so that while feeding, the baby sucks, swallows and breathes at his own rhythm, as in the natural process of breastfeeding. Due to the special design, milk does not come out of the nipple without the baby actively sucking. 89% of moms agree that babies transition easily from breast to Natural Response bottle and back.

Natural grip - just like breastfeeding

  • Soft and flexible nipple with a wide physiological base for a natural grip on the baby and comfortable feeding of the baby

Protects against colic and discomfort

  • Built-in anti-colic valve prevents air from entering the baby's tummy during feeding, thus reducing the likelihood of colic and discomfort

The nipple is protected from milk leakage

  • The nipple is equipped with a special valve through which milk is supplied only when the child has already begun to drink. This will help to avoid spilling milk at home and on the street.

Pharmaceutical grade glass, sterility and heat protection

  • Made from premium borosilicate glass, the Philips Avent glass bottle withstands temperature fluctuations so it can be safely refrigerated, heated and sterilized.

Choose the right pacifier for your baby

  • All children require a special approach when feeding and keep a pace that is comfortable for them. We've designed teats with different flow rates so you can find the best fit for your little one. All Natural Response nipples are made from soft silicone.

Easy to use, clean and assemble

  • The wide mouth makes the bottle easy to clean and fill. A small number of parts allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the bottle.

Bottles and nipples do not contain BPA

  • Natural Response bottles are made from BPA-free, safe materials

If the baby did not take the bottle the first time - this is normal

  • Our Natural Response bottles differ from previous ranges in the design of the nipple. As with breastfeeding, it may take you several times to adjust to it. It's okay.​

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