Nasal aspirator



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Nasal cleansing is very important, particularly for newborns: in the first months of life, a baby breaths predominantly through their nose, and cannot blow it by themselves. Having a blocked nose affects baby's sleep, feeding, drinking, general well-being of baby and family.

If your baby's nose is congested, it makes it harder for them to eat, drink and sleep.
The ergonomic shape makes it easy to use, with a soft nozzle which is particularly suitable to use in delicate little nostrils.
It is a medical device.
Benefits of using a nasal aspirator:
1. Nasal Aspirators offer easy and gentle relief from the effects of a stuffy nose.
2. It enhances better breathing.
3. The device prevents the onset of sinus/mucus infection.
4. The tool is easy to clean. 0+

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