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Mocha Baby rocking - growing cot that delights babies and delights mothers; The bed, which is 70x115 cm for infancy and can be used up to 0-3 years old and 3-6 years old in childhood, can grow up to 70x160 cm and has a carrying capacity of 80 kg.

The module, designed with functional features in the foreground, facilitates the mother's access to her baby thanks to its telescopic elevator railing, and the swinging apparatus can be fixed on both sides when desired. When the product is enlarged, the railing part can be used as a work table, and in the sections with drawers and shelves, it can be used as a nightstand or a large storage area.

Compatible with Mocha baby mosquito net, 70x160x10 cm bed and 75x115 cm sleeping sets, the bed can be used with pleasure for many years with its quality structure.

Note: Our product does not include bedding and other textile products seen in the photos.


Width: 164,5 cm | Height: 88 cm | Depth: 79,5 cm

• Our product is designed functionally for babies and mothers.
• The swing component can be fixed on demand.
• When the product is enlarged, it can be used as cradle work table.
• When the product is enlarged, the block with drawers and shelves can be used as a storage unit in the room.
• The baby bed, which is produced according to product dimensions and consists of two parts, is sold in the product package. 70x115 cm large piece of the cradle that can swing, The small piece, which is 70x45 cm, is designed to be used by mounting it with the help of velcro after growing the bedstead. The small piece can be stored in the empty space under the cradle until the bed is enlarged.

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