Little Star Nursery, Rocking

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turkish brand

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* Removable toy bar
* Double-Sided Pad
* Adjustable backrest
* 3 point seat belt
* Swinging/fixing apparatus
* Removable and washable fabric
* Carrying capacity is between 0-12 KG.
* Age Range: Use up to 9 months
* Wide and padded seat for excellent comfort
* Prone backrest in 5 different positions (sitting, leaning, lying)
* Removable toy bar
* You can swing back and forth and fix it according to your will.
* Extra soft and comfortable use with additional cushion filled with fluff.
* 100% ergonomic, suitable for your baby's physical structure.
* It has carrying handles to comfortably carry your child with the Wellgro toy carrier.
* In terms of easy installation and portability, the Wellgro toy baby cradle, which does not take up space, will be a product you will not want to leave with you.
* Your baby lies at the ideal angle with its sloping structure on the baby's lap with Wellgro Little Star toy, it is suitable for babies with reflux problems.
Adjustable Backrest: With the gradual backrest, your baby can easily switch to sitting, leaning and lying positions.
Portable and Convenient: When you put your baby in it, your baby will start to feel like being carried on your lap. Especially before going to sleep, the best assistant that helps the baby to relax and feel safe will be the joy toy baby lap.
Carrying: Thanks to the handles on the sides of the Wellgro toy nursery, you can comfortably carry your baby wherever you want.
Washable Fabric: It has the feature of being easily removed and washed whenever you wish.

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