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High Quality plastic cars.

Safe toy, safe game! • Let's Be Child is the perfect toy that the little ones can play safely with fun. • Toys, which contain toxin and lead paint, meets FDA standards that do not contain BPA, Phthates, PVC and similar external coatings. • This truck, which is carefully produced in a durable way, has been made safe for the children and the new world they discover. • You can take this toy where children do not want to separate them wherever you go. • It is suitable for playing in both internal and outdoor spaces because it is easy to clean. • Designed to be suitable for small hands. • Helps improve the senses and fine motor skills of the little ones. • Improves their imagination and creativity. • Supports hand-eye coordination. • By playing with the little ones, you will love to teach them new things and have fun with them. The fun moments you spend with children will contribute to their sensory development so you will support your children to learn with the game. HEALTH AND SAFETY • It is produced with 100 %safe materials without metal axle and small pieces. • The compliance of the EN71 standards by the European Union (EU) has been accredited and tested and approved by international test organizations. • The paints of the products do not have heavy metals and harmful chemicals. • There are no harmful chemicals such as lead and ftalat. • It does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).
Product Size: 12x29x11cm

18+ M  is suitable for babies.

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