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Latch is a bottle with anti-colic valve and unique accordion teat, closest to breastfeeding. 

Listening to mothers and babies for 25 years, Munchkin has developed a unique anti-colic bottle. Latch is a patented bottle, the result of 3 years of research and development, it offers your baby a more natural breastfeeding, closer to breastfeeding. Tested by midwives and experienced mothers, Latch offers your baby a breastfeed as close to breastfeeding as possible. 
The Latch pacifier is unique and offers a breastfeed closer to the breast:
  • Stretches Like Breast - With its unique accordion texture and shape, the Latch nipple stretches farther on suction than other nipples and reaches the soft palate area, comfort zone for baby.
  • Compresses like the breast - With its unique texture and accordion shape, the Latch nipple compresses on sucking to stimulate the flow of milk, releasing a stream of milk to match baby's sucking.
  • Turns like the breast - With its unique accordion shape, the Latch nipple follows baby's head movements, allowing the nipple to stay snug against baby's mouth throughout the feed, reducing strain on baby's mouth. ingestion of air.

The Latch bottle also includes an anti-colic valve, which prevents air from entering the milk and complements the properties of the teat, for optimal colic reduction. 

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