La chorale enchantee des piou-piou



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  • Three little musicians and singing birds accompanied by their mother to make Baby sing and dance. Together they sing in unison and accompany each other on guitar, accordion and drum.
  • Each baby bird is colorful and has its own instrument. When you insert a baby bird on the tree branch, it is recognized and plays a piece with its instrument.
  • When you place a baby bird in its shell, it starts to sing. If we add the other chicks as we go, they add to the initial song and sing in harmony.
  • In their nest, the chicks hop and do pirouettes when playing the piano or moving the branch on which their mother is resting.
  • 2 game modes: a Discoveries mode to learn the colors, numbers and anecdotes about the choir and a Music mode to hear pretty melodies, discover the musical notes and make the Piou Piou sing.

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