Intimate Cleansing Gel 200ml



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جل النظافة الشخصية

صُمم جل النظافة الشخصية بخلاصة الألوة فيرا خصيصًا للنظافة الشخصية للرضع والأطفال، وذلك في حالة الشعور بعدم الارتياح. 

وينظف منتج العناية هذا بفضل قوامه اللطيف واللين ودرجة الحموضة الفسيولوجية بلطف ويهدئ الإحساس بالتهيج ويوفر راحة فورية ودائمة

قنينة مضخة 200 مل


Best known for their natural skincare products suitable for all skin types, Mustela is a French brand that stands by parents and aims to make their lives easier. Thanks to their unique knowledge in babies' skin and their plant-based active ingredients, they improve the quality of life of children and families from all around the world.



Mustela Intimate Cleansing Gel (Mustela Gel Hygiène Intime) is specially formulated with Aloe Vera extract, the Mustela Gel Hygiene Intime cleanses babies' and children's private parts and soothes irritations, providing an immediate and long-lasting feeling of comfort to your baby.

How to use :

Pour a bit of gel onto your hands, gently apply it on your baby's private parts. Rinse carefully and dab dry.

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