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Chicco Thermometer Thermo Family. Thermo Family is an infrared thermometer for remote temperature measurement, it can be paired with the smartphone or used as a normal thermometer. Thanks to the Chicco Baby universe app, you can share data wherever you are.

- Temperature stop in just one second: Provides the correct temperature and updates the data in your profile. The fever indicator is quickly displayed if the temperature is high (sad face) or normal (smiling face). And if your child is asleep, the silent mode allows you to take the measurement without waking them up.

- 3-in-1 Thermometer: It not only measures your baby's fever, but also detects the temperature of food, water and the environment.

- Multiple profiles for the whole family.

- Create your measurement diary: You can update your diary, see changes in fever, control medication intake thanks to a simple and intuitive graph. You can also take notes and write comments about the child's health conditions.

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