InBath Digital Thermometer for Baby Bath and Room


Tommee Tippee

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Product Description

Uniquely designed in the shape of the iconic Tommee Tippee star, this digital thermometer will fit in with any nursery or bathroom decor. The dual-use thermometer is a quick, easy and accurate way to measure the temperature of your baby’s room or bath water so no more guessing if it’s too hot. Gently tap the unit to activate the display and the temperature will be displayed in Celsius on the clear LCD screen, in just 3 seconds. Fully waterproof, the thermometer will float in the bath and capture temperature readings every 5 seconds to give you peace of mind that the water is between 36.5°C and 38°C, the optimum temperature for a comfortable and safe baby bath. If the water temperature exceeds 39˚C, a handy red warning light will illuminate on the screen to alert you that the water is too hot. The optimal room temperature for baby is approximately 18°C. Ensuring that the temperature of a baby’s room or sleeping environment is a comfortable temperature is important for ensuring a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. By measuring the room temperature, you can take steps to warm up or cool down the room as appropriate or to help you decide how to dress baby for bed. Prop the thermometer upright on the included stand for clear room temperature readings at a glance. Provided with 1x CR2032 replaceable battery so it can be used straight away. The auto switch-off function will ensure the thermometer switches off if the back of the unit isn’t in contact with either water or the stand, so you don’t have to worry about wasting the battery if you forget to switch it off.

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