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The new Chicco hip-seat baby carrier features a firm base and a soft baby carrier that can be used both individually and in combination, providing parents with a 3-in-1 solution in everyday life with their little one.
The Chicco Hip-Seat Baby Carrier is an ergonomic and multifunctional companion with a detachable and hip-seat base that can be used separately. It provides you and your baby with all the carrying positions it needs.
Thanks to its two elements – a firm base and a soft baby carrier – parents are provided with a convenient 3-in-1 product. Both components of the baby carrier can be used in combination with each other or individually.
When used as a hip-seat baby carrier, your baby is optimally supported in their natural and comfortable sitting position and their weight is optimally distributed on the upper body of the person carrying them. If the firm base is used on its own, it acts as an "extended hip” of the parent, which makes carrying your baby in your arms much easier and ensures that your upper body remains straight. The soft baby carrier provides your baby with an ergonomically correct position.

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