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Tommee Tippee

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    • Warming babies feed to body temperature before feeding helps creates a more natural experience for parents and babies. It’s gentler on your baby’s tummy too. With the Tommee Tippee bottle and food warmer, you can quickly and gently warm breast milk, formula, and a range of baby food.
    • Warms baby milk bottles and food jars in just 4 minutes – warming time of 4 minutes is based on heating a 150ml serving of milk from ambient room temperature (20°c).
    • Gentle warming helps preserve essential nutrients.
    • Fits most brands of bottles and food jars.
    • Warms breast milk, formula, and baby food to body temperature.
    • An automatic timer works out optimum warming time.
    • TT 423223 Easy Warm Bottle and Food Warmer are available to buy in increments of 1.

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