Feber Fantasty House



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  • "Equipped with a half door
  • Can be personalised with letter box and 3 windows
  • Comes in bright and vibrant colours
  • Resistant to sunlight and temperature changes
  • For 1 to more players
  • Includes instructions"
  • The Feber Fantasy House is for kids those who want to have their special spot outdoor. Kids can have the opportunity to invite friends and spend hours of playing in company. This colourful and pretty garden house is equipped with a half door which can be personalised with letter box and 3 windows. And to make it durable, this house is resistant to sunlight and changing temperature. This house set is perfect for 1 or more players and comes with instructions on how to play.
  • Dimensions: 110.5 x 23.5 x 87 cm
  • Weight:15KG

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