Eva Puzzle Mat 60x60 / 9 Pieces


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 These EVA Rubber Foam Floor Mats have a very wide range of uses, for both business and home. Around the home, Kids Bedrooms are the first place that comes to mind, both for the safety factor and for ease of cleaning.

 Utility Rooms, Games Rooms, Home Gyms would definately benefit from the precense of these mats, and the mats are perfect to go under trampolines, inflatable swimming pools, swing sets, slides, climbing frames and more...great for softening any falls and accidents.

 Great for use as Exercise Mats, for Yoga, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Schools, Playgroups, Business use in Tradeshows, exhibitions,

  • Strong flexibility & cushioned, great for use as a protection mat
  • Damp proof, insulates, easy to carry and easy to clean
  • Great for use in the home, garden, on picnics and of course in the gym
  • Made of high quality EVA, durable and easy to clean
  • Multi-coloured mat can be interlocked to create any shape
  •  Mulitcolour (Blue+Red+Yellow+Green)
  • Weight: 320-350 gr (each)

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