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  • The Medela Easy Expression Bustier leaves your hands free, so you can do something else at the same time, e.g. reading or surfing the internet.
    • Simple and comfortable solution for hands-free expression
    • The ideal complement to a Medela electric double breast pump
    • Available in different sizes, colour: white


    Easy Solution

    Would you like to be able to use the time while you are expressing milk and be able to do other, simple things at the same time?

    Then the Medela Easy Expression Bustier is the right solution for you. This comfortable bustier is the ideal complement to Medela’s electric breast pumps and it allows you to express milk hands-free.

    Simple and comfortable

    Thanks to its zip you can easily put on and take off the Easy Expression Bustier, with nothing underneath or over your nursing bra. The Easy Expression Bustier should fit snugly. You will find the right size for you using our bra-size calculator.

    The ideal complement to a Medela breast pump

    The Easy Expression Bustier can be used with all Medela’s electric double breast pumps.
    Easy on the skin and easy-care material

    The Easy Expression Bustier is made from a soft cotton/spandex mixture which means it is stretchy and very comfortable against your skin.

    The bustier can easily be machine-washed at up to 30 °C.

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