Day&Night Anti-colic Baby Bottle 160 ml



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Age of Use: 0+ months It can be used for older babies by changing the teat. All Mamajoo products are produced from high-quality raw materials that do not contain BPA and Phthalates in our production facilities with ISO 9001; Features and Advantages: The Mamajoo Night Bottle is suitable for both day and night use. The glow-in-the-dark closure ring makes it easy to find the bottle at night. Mamajoo Night Bottle is produced from PP (Polypropylene) raw material, which does not contain substances unsuitable for the health of babies and is allowed to be used in bottle production in Turkey, Europe and the USA. The anti-colic valve system in the Mamajoo Night Bottle teat helps to prevent gas pain (colic) caused by the baby swallowing air during feeding. It has a wide base for a balanced stance, and gripping curves on the body for easy holding of little hands. The caps of Mamajoo Night Bottles are specially designed for the placement of the teat. Since the caps of Mamajoo Night Bottles completely cover the teat, they provide absolute tightness in use and transportation. The scale marks on the bottle also make sure how much the baby is fed. The Mamajoo Night Bottle Teat, which is presented in a form similar to the mother's breast, stretches like a mother's breast thanks to the spirals on it. The wide-mouth Mamajoo Night Bottle is easy to fill and clean, and it won't tip over easily thanks to its wide base. Ergonomic gripping curves are designed on the body of the Mamajoo Night Bottle in order for little hands to hold it easily and to support muscle development. The tasteless and odorless Mamajoo Night Bottle Teat makes it easy to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. There are 4 types of Mamajoo Teats with different liquid flow rates to be used with the bottle, in accordance with the development and needs of the babies.

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