Baby Safety Door White


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Keep your baby safe and secure with this baby safety door. It is made from white, strong plastic with an adjustable design that fits most door frames, giving your child the security they need while you get the peace of mind you desire. The durable construction and easy installation will allow you to be worry-free.


Automatic Closing Child Safety Door It has a double lock mechanism to increase security. By pressing the button on the upper lock and the lower latch, the door is opened by pushing the door forward or backward to the desired side. When you leave the door, the door closes automatically. Thus, you eliminate the risk of unintentional opening. It consists of quality metal body and plastic spacers. The security door, which is designed for use in all doors, stairs and similar transition areas between 76-80 cm, can be easily adapted to larger areas thanks to its extension parts. The product, which complies with EN 1930: 2011 and EN71-3 standards accepted by the European Union, attracts great attention with its quality and performance. The product, which aims to protect children from many dangers by restricting children's access to areas such as kitchens, gardens, stairs, balconies, and to make parents feel comfortable, is also suitable for limiting the indoor movement of pets. The special locking mechanism that allows easy opening and closing and the fact that it can be opened 90 degrees on both sides make the product even more useful. The product can be installed in 5 minutes without the need for screws or drilling. Product dimensions: 76-80x6 Height: 77 cm cm Material: Metal + ABS Product range: 76-80 Weight: 4.5 kg Gross weight: 5.2

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