No Touch Forehead Thermometer



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  • There is no need to wake up and undress a sleeping baby or child for temperature measurement. Touch mode - Convenient
  • It is ideal for self-measurement and easier to take measurements on energetic children.
  • Colour-coded display The screen displays colours to help interpret the temperature: Green: Normal temperature Yellow: Fever Red: High fever Patented sensor for accurate & consistent reading.
  • The only forehead thermometer that uses a patent, clinically-proven breakthrough technology that captures twice as much body heat compared to traditional forehead products.
  • Features for easy & convenient use Aiming light and guidance system
  • The proximity sensor guides the thermometer to the correct distance.
  • The aiming light helps you to point the device at the right spot - in between the eyebrows. Silent mode
  • Enables to take temperature readings without a sound for sleeping babies Fast readings in 2 seconds

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