Romantic Baby Canopy



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Width: 300 cm | Height: 220 cm | Depth: 40 cm

• Carefully sewn by master hands using different fabrics ve embroidery

Material Information:
• White mosquito net tulle 100% polyester.
• Top and side strip fabrics 60% cotton 40% polyester.
• Mosquito net handle made of matt varnish-coated wood.
• Mosquito net hanger and connection apparatus are nickel plated.

Washing instructions:
• The highest washing temperature should be 30 degrees.
• Drum drying should not be done.
• Dry cleaning should not be done.
• Bleach etc. Chemicals should not be used.
• Ironing should not be done.

Usage Instructions:
•Our product is compatible with 70x140 cm baby cots produced by Çilek Furniture.
• The mosquito net must be installed according to the instructions in the assembly book included in the package.
• When assembling the mosquito net to the baby cot, care must be taken to ensure that all fasteners are properly and securely fastened.
• The upper and lower metal parts that ensure that the mosquito net is fixed on the baby railing
Screws should be checked at regular intervals, and if loosened, tightened with a suitable Allen key.
• As long as the product is used, the intermediate distances of the lower and upper fixing metal parts should not be changed randomly.

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