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Fabric: Made from 35% Bamboo, 65% Polyester thread.
Bamboo fabric is made of the fibers obtained from the bamboo tree. Hygienic fabrics are
produced by using bamboo. Not only bamboo is a healthy textile raw material, it is also a
sought out raw material source in textile industry since it has many other desired features.
Its features are superior to cotton in many ways.Polyester fabrics are made from artificial fibers.
Artificial fibers are easy to obtain and shows similar characteristics with natural fibers.
This is one of the artificial fibers that are most similar to cotton fiber. Since polyester fiber
can be mixed with other fibers, it can be used in all textiles.
The fabric of our mattress, made of bamboo and polyester fiber mixture, is easily breathable
and does not cause sweating. The product weighs 230 grams per square meter. The
zipper-free fabric of our product can be separated from the mattress and washed, thanks to
the hidden pocket method, and put on again.

Comfort Layer Foam : 5 mm thick, 15 DNS (density) materials have been used.
Comfort layer is produced by placing a filling, such as fiber, felt and foam, between two
fabrics, and sewing them closed with multi-needle sewing machines in various patterns.
Foam : 7 cm thick, 22 DNS (density) materials have been used.
The special technology foam used in our product instead of spring frame provides your baby
a comfortable and restful sleep. The foam used in our product is exceptionally comfortable.
In addition to high elasticity, tensile and compressive moduli are almost equal. Compared to
other foams, it is more orthopedic and also more durable. This type of foam is also used in
the backs and seats of living room furniture sets.
In order for the baby spine to develop more smoothly, the firmness level of baby mattresses
should be higher. The foam density of our product is 22, which is the minimum density value
in the mattress industry.

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