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OiOi Silicone Bottle + Pipette 200 ml Made of food grade 100% premium silicone. It is designed in such a way that little hands can easily grasp it. The soft structure of the straw does not harm sensitive palates. BLW supports management and helps develop fine motor skills. It can go into the oven and microwave up to 200 degrees. Thanks to its reusability, it is more economical and environmentally friendly than plastic products. The raw material of silicon, silica sand, is also the raw material of glass. With this feature, Oioi silicone nutrition products are a healthy alternative to plastic products. It is easily cleaned, does not stain and does not contain bacteria. It is suitable for hand washing and cleaning in the sterilizer. You can safely use it for your babies of 6 months and above. Bottle: 200 ml Pipette: 17 cm

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