SMILE BED COVER 80x180 / 90x200



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Width: 130 cm | Depth: 210 cm

Designed with educational features in mind, the Smile Bedspread aims to keep you training at any time of the day. This set, which has a pocket pillow in order to gain the habit of reading books at an early age, consists of 3 pieces in total. Cloud-themed decorative pillow, pockets for books and pens, and a double-sided reading pillow are among the other functional parts of the set. The suit is sewn using 100% cotton fabrics; It has a soft, light and comfortable texture.

• Our bedspread is compatible with our 80x180 and 90x200 cm beds in the Montes series. Preferably, it can also be used with the same size bedsteads in our other series.

Product features:
The product consists of 3 parts;
• 1 cover (130x210 cm)
• 1 reading pillow (35x45 cm)
• 1 cloud themed ornamental pillow (30x55 cm)

Material Properties:
• Bed cover fabric is 100% cotton.
• The fabric of the reading pillow and ornamental pillow is 100% cotton.
• Filling material is 100% polyester fiber.

Washing Instructions:
• The highest washing temperature should be 30°.
• Drum drying should not be done.
• Dry cleaning should not be done.
• Ironing can be done at low temperature.
• Bleach should not be used.
• After the washing process is finished, it should not be kept wet in the machine.

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