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portable babynest
💢 it does not take up space in your home, car or during travel, it is easy to carry, you can open it whenever you want and put your baby to sleep safely.
💢 There is an orthopedic head pillow in the babynest bag and a care bag gift for you to put your baby's clothes and care items.
🎀 Produced with 100% cotton
The outer cover of the bag is covered with soft textured specially prepared quilted, special fabrics that are resistant to the external environment.
It can be easily folded thanks to its zippered structure. It provides the opportunity to offer your own hygienic area for your baby wherever you want.
It has a stylish look with its ergonomic design.
🎀Percentile table is produced according to the average height of Turkey and is suitable for 0-2 years old.
size 90*50 cm

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