Breastfeeding Pillow Cushion


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Breastfeeding pillow (width: 65 cm, height: 65 cm)

Product features
* Our products are prepared according to the average height of the pertille table in accordance with long -term use.
* As a filling material of the product, 1st class bead fiber is used with non -moisturerlergic properties.
* Our products are designed for long -term use.
* Breastfeeding pillow is designed with zipper and provides convenience in the washing stage.
* The product color tone can be a tone open or one tone dark from the screen.
Washing instructions
- It can be washed at 40 degrees and low speeds in the washing machine.
- Since our products are cotton, wrinkling rate is high.
- Ironingly iron before drying.
- Special detergent for colorful or blacks should be used.
Never use detergents containing soap powder, baby liquid detergent, softener and bleaching!

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