braided Baby Nest


turkish brand

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Make sure your baby will rest safe and comfortable. 

Baby nest is very popular because of his multifunctionality. It can be used everywhere: at home, on a trip, while travelling and provides a baby safe and comfortable sleep. It is easy to fold. 

Braid can be separated from the bottom and thanks to this characteristic, baby nest can be used on three different ways: as a baby nest (braid is attached to bottom), as a bed bumper on baby bed, on a crib, on your bed, on sofa or anywhere else (only braid) – you will protect a child and provide him peacefull sleeping, as a playquilt (only bottom or braid with bottom) – braid can make sure the toys will stay on its place or you can remove it and provide a child more place for playing.

Material: 100% cotton

Filling: 100% PES. 

size 80*40 cm

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