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Product description

There are no materials harmful to human health in "Sebi" products. Fabrics are made of 100% cotton. Fabric paint, snap fasteners and other accessories comply with world health norms. "Sebi" is a brand of "Bebe Ceyiz Sarayı", you can use it with confidence.

Product Description

"Sebi" products that are not harmful to human health for any material. Fabrics made from 100% cotton. Fabric paint, snap and other accessories of world health norms.

"Sebi" one "Bebe Dowry Sarayı" trademark use it safely.

Please wash at 40°C. Wash at 40°C

Do not use bleach. don't hlcach

No cleaning chemicals are used. Do not use chemical wash.

It is ironed at normal temperature. Ironwith normal heat

It does not dry in the dryer. Do not tumble dry.

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